Coach Keith Adams said guests are steered far away from California School for the Deaf-Riverside’s football field during tours.

The Cubs made program history last season on a bumpy mess of grass and dirt. Lit by dim LED machines. In front of a set of concrete bleachers with a home capacity of about 150. The football team was the pride of CSDR, becoming a nationwide sensation — and they were embarrassed by their home turf.

“I grew up playing with a lot of big schools, on their fields, and [at] our school it was real grass, holes and dirt,” junior quarterback Trevin Adams said through a video interpreter. “It just kind of felt disrespectful, almost.”

Finally, the Cubs have earned their respect. One worth millions.

On Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed funding for a complete overhaul of CSDR’s athletic facilities in a revised budget, a request through the Department of Education with a total project cost of $43.1 million.

After the Cubs’ 12-1 season — during which players took it upon themselves to champion the deaf community — the state took notice. Read More @ LA Times