Softball Schedule/Results


Tuesday, Mar. 19vsSherman IndianCSDR4:30pm9-8 (1-0)
Thursday, Mar. 21@California Lutheran*Wildomar3:15pm11-22 (1-1)
Thursday, Apr. 4vsEntrepreneurCSDR4:30pm20-10 (2-1)
Monday, Apr. 8@Hamilton*Anza3:30pm2-18 (2-2)
Tuesday, Apr. 9vsCalifornia Lutheran*CSDR4:30pm9-19 (2-3)
Monday, Apr. 15@Sherman IndianRiverside3:15pm4-14 (2-4)
Tuesday, Apr. 16@United Christian Academy*Rancho Cucamonga3:15pm1-15 (2-5)
Wednesday, Apr.17vsEntrepreneurCSDR4:30pm17-16 (3-5)
Monday, Apr. 22vsUnited Christian Academy*CSDR3:00pm4-23 (3-6)
Tuesday, Apr. 23vsHamilton*CSDR4:30pm10-23 (3-7)
Friday, Apr. 26@Indiana School for the Deaf (Hoy Classic)Indiana9:00pm10-28 (3-8)
Friday, Apr. 26@CSD-Fermont (Hoy Classic)Indiana11:00pm1-22 (3-9)
Friday, Apr. 26@MSSD (Hoy Classic)Indiana1:00pm15-14 (4-9)
Friday, Apr. 26@Texas SD (Hoy Classic)Indiana5:00pm7-15 (4-10)
Saturday, Apt 27.@MSSD (Hoy Classic)Indiana8:00am15-7 (5-10)
Saturday, Apr. 27.@Indiana School for the Deaf (Hoy Classic)Indiana9:30am0-15 (5-11)
Saturday, Apt 27.@Texas SD (Hoy Classic)Indiana11:00 am1011 (5-12)

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