Hall of Fame

The CSDR Athletic Hall of Fame, organized in spring of 1984 by the CSDR Alumni Association, recognizes and honors individuals whose participation and contributions enriched and strengthened the school’s athletics program. It is a celebration for our athletes, and coaches who have brought fame and honor to the school.

CSDR has long enjoyed an illustrious sports history, producing great teams and great athletes whose feats have been turned into the memory of those who witnessed them and turned them into a legend.

The award and recognition is presented to a CSDR alumnus at a reception to ensure that the legacy will live on.

1984 Inductees

Jack Salisbury'58Football
Stanley Bassett'58Basketball
William "Bill" Ramborger'62Track & Field

1988 Inductees

Fernando Zaldivar'68Football
Kathleen Russell'66Volleyball
Henry Barnes'59Basketball
Jewel De Witty'65Basketball
Ricky Jamison'69Wrestling
Dave Thordsen'62Baseball
Mike Mahoney'66Track & Field
Melinda Moore'69Track & Field
Jerry Moore'66All Around
Aletha EmerickPhysical Educator

1998 Inductees

Greg Wilson'67Football, Track & Field
Richard Aguliar'87Football, Track & Field
Don Winant'61Football
Mike Butterfield'71Football
Rex Leadingham'71Football
Mike Adams'73Football
Bobbie Hutchenson'62Volleyball
Vicki Manchester'70Volleyball
Heidi Zimmer'71Volleyball
Nancy Jones'74Volleyball
Linda Tucker'74Volleyball
Catherine Blood'63Basketball
Linda Ridenour'72Basketball
John Foronda'74Basketball
Ken Roberts'76Basketball
Frank Scolaro'62Baseball
Chris Clements'71Baseball
Mike Olivera'73Baseball
David Dobrovech'62Track & Field
Bob Skedsmo'62Track & Field
Dick Ramborger'64Track & Field
Rene Gamache'64Track & Field
Tom Parker'66Track & Field
Robert Haas'69Track & Field
Ambrose Purifoy'71Track & Field
Ken Watson'71All Around
Lance York'71All Around
Keith Brown'74All Around
Mike Farnady'75All Around
Aletha EmerickCoach
William "Bill" ThorntonCoach

2002 Inductees

Edward Eward'70Football, Basketball
Robert Woodard'76Football, Basketball
Pam Ridenour'74Volleyball, Basketball
Antonia Torres'79Volleyball, Basketball
Jack Lamberton'66Football
David Cisneros'66Football
John Miranda'77Football
Ethan Bernstein'79Football
Orlando Lugo, Jr.'78Basketball
Kenneth Clark'79Basketball
Mike Hirsch'71Wrestling
Terrence "Hank" Jelks'80Wrestling
George Sierra'66Baseball
Keith Gamache'66Track & Field
Susan Bange'71Track & Field
Edward Frazer'77Track & Field
Patrick McGuire'76All Around
Cynthia Sadoski'78All Around
Ricky Lopez'78All Around
Seymour BernsteinCoach
Peter LanziCoach
Vernice PetersCoach

2007 Inductees

Holly BernsteinCoach
Lynn DavidsonAthletic Director
Franklin Johnston'66Statistician/Historian
Felix KowalewskiCoach
Kenneth MarajCoach
Wendy Calhoun Korn'82Volleyball, Basketball
Joyce Cook Lovell'81All Around
Shelley Freed Gravatt'82Volleyball, Basketball
Rosa Macedo Black'84Track & Field
Nancy Moore Burnes'83All Around
Jullisa Tuthill Manson'83Volleyball, Basketball
Galvin Rex Loy'84Wrestling
James Queen'79Wrestling
Roger Reed'84Basketball, Track & Field
Tracy Robinson'84Track & Field
David Sanderson'72Wrestling
Steve Sinatra'85Football, Track & Field
Mike Westbrook'83Wrestling

2019 Inductees

Arturo "Art" MontoyaCoach
Ken Gonzales'87Football
Scott KerbyCoach
Dan Flores'88Football
Len Gonzales'91Football
David FontanaCoach
Carol Newman'86Basketball
Mary Torres Angoorani'86Basketball
Heidi Ramborger Branch'92Basketball
Larry VollmarCoach
Patrick Reece'88Wrestling
Torrin Norton'91Wrestling
Manfred Krick'69Wrestling
Julie Hill'88Basketball
Karen Shely Alberti'82Volleyball, Basketball
Jason Earhart'93Wrestling
Tom Korn'83Wrestling

2023 Inductees

Max Andrade'89Football
Heather Van Zee Lane'93Softball
Keith Gamache'92Wrestling
Dennis Cruz'92Football
Leslie Crump'92Basketball
Ralph Hinojosa'93Wrestling
Jesus Delgado'98Basketball
Roy Cogswell'97Wrestling
Tamjo Foronda Coleman'02All Around
Jeremias Valencia'99Basketball
Jamie Valencia'99Basketball
Kevin Gamache'95Wrestling