Sept 2- Football Game @ Carnegie Schools
Sept 7 - JV/V Volleyball vs Upland Christian
Sept 13 - JV/V Volleyball @ Sherman Indian
Oct. 15th - Battle of California


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The mission is to prepare student athletes to practice ethical behavior, including fair play, integrity and obedience to rules.
CSD Riverside Athletics

Wendy Aguirre

Wendy a.

Wendy has been a member of the Cheer Team for four years. She is an amazing cheerleader as well as student. Wendy demonstrates all six pillars of Character Counts without a doubt!  I cannot begin to tell you what an outstanding citizen this young lady truly is: respectful, caring, responsible, fair, and trustworthy. If you are looking for a role model, you do not need to look any farther.  Wendy always strives to do her best in her academic studies and other activities, and currently has a 3.14 GPA. This year Wendy is the captain of the cheer team and actively involved in the FEAST program. It is honestly a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Wendy.

Courtney Hocog

This is her first year on the CSD Riverside Volleyball Team, and she has already earned a spot on the Varsity team. She is a player with a wonderful example of Character Counts. She is considerate of other teammates and her own behavior. You can trust that she will be at every practice and game. She is fair to everyone on the team regardless of their skills.

On September 12, we played in Hemet Tournament and she earned All-Tournament Player honor. She picked up her skills so quickly by accepting our feedbacks and advices. We know she has the ability to become a talent player at the end of season because of her work ethics. She performed well at Spike Out Tournament at Fremont.

Off the court, she currently maintain a 3.0 GPA. She is able to manage the academic work load along with the volleyball practices, peer mediation, and other organizations. She is always respectful to adults and peers.

Altogether, it is obvious that she cares about her school work and her volleyball team and that she is a great citizen. She is a wonderful example of what a CSD-R student-athlete should be like.

Head Volleyball Coach
Michelle Skowzgird

Christian Jacobs

Christian (CJ) is all around person. He will ensure every player is pushing themselves to the maximum during practice and game. CJ unknowably demonstrated one important pillar of character counts, which is caring. He cares how team works together as a team. CJ is a great leader for football team. He is able to maintain his grades with other commitment such as DAB. I am thrilled to have him on football team and an great example to teammates.

Head Football Coach
Peter Trzesniewski

Jared Herman

Jared currently has a 3.21 GPA and tremendous school spirit! He is very involved with many school activities; recently helping out with the Sadie Hawkins dance, volunteering to do lighting for the CSDR pageant, sharing his academic knowledge on the DAB team, and being chosen to represent the Cubs for the Jr. NAD conference in Florida. However busy he is with his many activities, he still gives 100% to the cheer team while maintaining his grade point average. He has attended every game and cheer event during the fall season! He is developing more and more leadership skills as he continues to develop good character traits. He is respectful of his teammates and coaches, and obviously cares about his school and team. I can always count on him to be responsible to let me know when he cannot arrive on time for practice due to volunteering for other activities. In addition, he demonstrated great citizenship when he found an iPhone on the grass and gave it to me to try and locate its owner. Jared is a wonderful role model for our CSDR students.

Head Cheer Coach
Stacey Hausman

Hailey Burton


Hailey is a very soft-spoken, new student to CSD-R who decided to get involved in school activities this year. She is taking many Honors courses and is able to maintain a high GPA despite attending cheer practices every day, gymnastics classes Monday nights, and performing at volleyball and football games. She is slowly coming out of her shell as she continues to gain more confidence. She can even be seen leading fans in crowd participant chants at CSD-R events! Hailey is a wonderful example of a student with great character. I couldn’t ask for a more responsible, respectful team member who truly cares about her school. Keep up the good work Hailey! We are proud of you!

Head Cheer Coach
Stacey Hausman

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