Iron 5 Wrap Up

I have been reminiscing about the Iron 5 event and cannot believe it has come and gone already despite all the hard work we put into it! I would like to wrap up the Iron 5 event! I certainly hope all of you enjoyed the Iron 5 news that was posted on CSDR’s website! The best part of the event was having Don Padden and Jason Ammons, who are the last remaining players of the 1943 Gallaudet basketball team –known as The Five Iron Men team, join us. Both men were given a standing ovation by all who attended the tournament and each had the honor of tossing the ball for both the girls and boys championship game. During the awards ceremony, Don and Jason explained the history of the Five Iron men. It brought back memories of what happened to them 67 years ago!!

I want to acknowledge and give HANDWAVES to the coordinators and their committees for their hard work:

Todd Williams: Basketball Tournament (Mac and Cave)
Jens Rechenberg: Program Book
Don Burnes and Hon Siu: T-shirt/printing
Wes Rinella: Graphic design
Noreen Williams and Norman Weiss: Admission/Registration
Committee: Carol Adams, Andrew Tarpey, Sonia Aguirre, Susan Wilcox, Tiffany Cochran, Gege Visco
Kaveh Angoorani: Housing
Antonia Clark: Transportation/Badges
Greg Visco: Cubbies/Booster Club
Jeannette Zarembka-Concessions
Committee: Jayne Bustamante, Paula Van Winkle, Tina Jo Breindel, Darlene Wadler, Gege Visco, Linda Baker, Julie Reese, SBG officers, Tick Tockers
Teresa Maxwell.. Ryan Zarembka.. Lisa Chute: SBG sponsors; Social Events
Committee: Teresa McDonald-Fishler, SBG officers, Tick Tockers
Reagan Anders and Mike Anderson: Red Crew
Committee: Bruce Gould, Brazton Burnes, SBG officers
Harvey Nathanson: Scorekeeper
Committee: Don Cochran, Rodney Ewans, Dana Baldiviez, Radu Junc, Keith Adams, Larry Vollmar, Kaveh Angoorani, Antonia Clark, Donald Burnes
Rene Visco: Website
Traci Price: Photography/Scores for website
Mark Baldiviez: Set up PowerPoint.. LCD
David Hamilton: Cave Supervision
Ray Gonzales: CPO
Harold Gomez: Janitor
Farley Warshaw and Zeta Jackson: Advisors

Again, I really want to thank each one of you soooo much for making the Iron 5 a very successful event! If not for you, I wouldn’t have made it!! I truly appreciate your contribution and giving up your time for this event! I will always remember you all! Please check the CSDR website for the Iron 5 results and pictures. Texas School for the Deaf will host Iron 5 next year!

Nancy Moore
Iron 5 chairperson