Elementary 3rd and 4th’s FIRST AWESOME GAME!!!

The third and foruth grade’s first football game was fantastic! Here’s a play-by-play.

All our players arrived early. As coaches, we could tell the students were all pumped up and ready to go! We were all anxious to get into the game. Some of the players were taking it in stride because they were returning veterans from last year, and some of the new players were a little anxious.

We opened the season with a punt. We did great job on defense and stopped the other team until their fourth down. Then they punted. Veteran Nathaniel Humpel came out for our first play and made 5 yards! An experienced player, Esau Zornoza ran for a 40-yards touchdown! We didn’t get the two point conversion, but that didn’t slow us down!

During the second quarter, Jacob Weiss ran 50 yards and made a touchdown! It fired up the players even more!

We went to halftime with CSDR ahead at 12-0.

In the third quarter Esau Zornoza ran for 60 yards and we then lead with a score of 18 – 0!

We also want to acknowledge our great defense players, Dylan Duarte and Dawsen Bashaw. They know their roles very well and do a great job of reading the plays.

At the 4th quarter, the opponents moved the ball well. They tried to score but, Jalena Cochran, a newcomer to the team was able to stop our opponents at the 30-yard line. We kept them shut them out with a big fat ZERO!

The team did a great job throughout the game. We took the lead and kept it!

We also had fans with GREAT Spirit. We’d like to thank the CSDR staff, parents, and families. We also want to big “hands waving up high” for our AWESOME cubbie Cheerleaders!! They made great banners!! The players were inspired BIG TIME! (You must come out to a game and check out the cheerleaders’ new uniform!! It looks GREAT!)


Jeremias Valencia
Sports Coordinator