2017-2018 Winter Season Coaches

2017-2018 Winter season coaches:  Winter coaches 17-18

Varsity Girls basketball: Winter coaches 17-18Steve Valencia-Biskupiak, Head Coach, Ida Dotson, Assistant coach and Zamica Gage, Assistant Coach.

Junior Varsity girls basketball: Emily DeSimone, Head Coach and Calyssa Yepez, Assistant Coach

Varsity Boys basketball: Jeremias Valencia, Head Coach, Jonathan Valencia, Assistant coach and Joshua Valencia, Assistant Coach.

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: Galvin Drake, Head Coach, Ken Watson, Assistant Coach and Josh Tozeski, Volunteer Coach.

Wrestling: Fred Weiss, Head Coach, Kevin Croasmun, Assistant Coach and Hiroshi Nakama, Volunteer Coach

Cheer: Stacey Hausman, Head Coach and David Terrell, Assistant Coach.