Athletes of the Month- September 2017

Athletes of the Month (Sept)  (click on link)

Azeb Visco

Azeb started on the JV Cheer team but has now been moved to Varsity Cheer due to her work ethic and commitment to improve. She arrives on time ready to work, pays attention during practices and is often caught practicing her skills during water breaks. She is currently excelling in her academics; earning a 3.71 GPA.  She is a good role model for all athletes, and definitely shows Cub Spirit. I look forward to continue to watch her gain confidence as the season progresses.”  – Stacey Hausman, Head Cheer Coach

 Azeb has shown an outstanding start in her academic performance as a freshman in her Honors classes. She is always very diligent in her organization, flexible with receiving feedback, and always ensure that she is on top of everything. My favorite thing about her in the past month is that she found the time to complete three novels over one weekend!” – Alyssa Romano, Teacher

 “Apart from doing so well in extracurricular activities, Azeb also does well in her Art class. She takes everything in stride and is very consistent with her projects. She is eager to learn and asks questions or for clarification. She is the perfect pupil. All in all, this shows that Azeb is on the right path to become successful.” – Wes Rinella, Teacher

Elijah Watters

“He is a dream player for coaches!” – Keith Adams, Head Football Coach

 “In my Government class, Elijah is known not just for working independently and turning in homework on time, but also for bringing good vibes into classroom, asking though-provoking questions, and lightening up mood with comedy.” – Darren Hause, Teacher

 “He is a very hard working, tries his best to accomplish what he is learning about.  A fine young fellow with a good success in future.” – Rodney Ewan, Teacher

 “Elijah does so well in his Art class and is a perfect role model as a student because he is mellow, takes criticism very well, and gets along with everyone in class.  He also shows eagerness to improve in a consistent manner. He is fun to be around among peers and even CSDR staff! Congratulations.” Wes Rinella – Teacher