Student- Athlete Of The Month – September

Kellirae Cox has been making big improvements both academically and on the team. She consistently demonstrates Trustworthiness and Responsibility as I never have to worry that she will “forget” to wear her Spirit clothes or uniform. Often, she reminds me that we have an upcoming game.


She always exhibits Caring for our school by showing her pride in being on the Cheer team and supporting CSD-R without fail by attending all events. Her Citizenship is unparalleled, as she reports when she will be late or has to miss a practice for any reason. She is constantly showing Respect and Fairness to her teammates and staff. Kellirae is a joy to work with and a wonderful CSD-R Student/Athlete.

Stacey Hausman, Head Cheer Coach



Elijah Watters met every criteria that we, coaches, expect of all football players.  He attended to all practices on time and never gave up during practices. He helped others during practices and never showed negative attitude during games and he always play strong until the very end of each game. He is a perfect example of a person who follows the 6 pillars of Character Counts and CIF Code of Ethics at all times. He is outstanding in each class he is taking and is also a great role model for our players.  

We are extremely proud of him.

Marcus Chmaj, Head Football Coach