Football Game vs CSD Fremont

Riverside Homecoming was the big game between CSD Fremont and CSD Riverside. We came out being ready to play against them and we did very well with the opening drive but we made a mistake and fumbled the ball on 50 yard line. Fremont got the ball back and scored a TD quickly. I told the players to keep their heads up. Our offense moved very well and we finally scored against CSD Fremont. The games between us for the last six years, we were not able to score against them. It was time to break the streak and we celebrated that we finally were able to score, which was the best moment of the game for everyone including the fans! With mental mistakes, they scored 3 more TDs within 5 minutes. However, the second half was better. We played hard and we almost did score several times in the game. I am very proud of my boys that they played hard all the way. I would like to give game of the week to Elijah Watters- he kept on playing no matter what and when he made mistakes, he made it up quickly.  This Homecoming game is one to remember for many years to come!

Head coach Marcus Chmaj