Recap on football games vs Carnegie Schools and NuView Bridge

Our first game against Carnegie, we had only 15 players and I call them the iron 15 players. They played very hard and most of them played both offense and defense. I am very proud of our boys, we lost but I feel we won by finishing the game with only 15 players. For the offense, I have to give Paul Hernandez recognition for his 100% effort, he played both sides and he didn’t quit. He gave Carnegie a very hard time and broke few tackles. It was his very first varsity game. Also, I would like to give Dylan Durate recognition for his defense where he made 16 total tackles. He didn’t quit and continue playing until time ran out. His very first varsity game as well!

Our second game vs NuView Bridge, we had 18 players and we played much better than the first game. We scored the first touchdown for the season on our home field! A very nice touchdown was made by a quick pass from quarterback Desi Gonzales to inside WR Paul Hernandez. We moved the ball very well but with several mental mistakes, we gave away our chance to score more. Our defense did a great job and we gave away big plays. They scored all by big plays as they didn’t move the ball to end zone and score. I would like to give Desi Gonzales recognition for both offense and defense, he played both sides and he did not quit. It was his very first varsity game as well

-Head Coach Marcus Chmaj