Softball vs. LA Sierra Academy


Yesterday, CSD Riverside players really improved in their performance from Monday’s game and played well. CSDR started off good defensively and kept up with our hitting. CSDR did good with kept up our defense and were able to earn runs each inning. Unfortunately, the errors killed them and CSDR earned no runs in the 6th and 7 th innings. “This is what hurt them the most. We were unable to finish with a win. However, the players definitely brought their spirit and motivation back and our offense really was highlight of the game.” stated by softball coaches

Final score: LA Sierra Academy 26- CSD Riverside 16

Sukie Miller threw 6 strikeouts.

At Bat (AB)

Monge, (2-5)

J.Galarza, (3-5)

Miller, (4-5)

Blakely, (3-5)

Estrella, (4-5)

Vargas, (2-5)

Stole Bases (SB)

Monge and Miller-4


MIller and Vargas-3