Game #6 vs. La Sierra

CSDR opened the game with a quick 6-0 run, then La Sierra Academy’s new big nice sized player entered the game and stepped up to help LSA stay in the game. CSDR still held onto the lead. At halftime, the score was 28 CSDR, 20 LSA.

In the third quarter, CSDR played great on defense, causing LSA to score only 4 points, which helped CSDR maintain a big lead, 36-24. In the fourth quarter, CSDR kept their offensive plan going, but LSA stepped up their offense and scored 13 points. Again, the Cubs maintained their scoring and walked away with the victory, their second league win. The final score was 44-37.

“It was good to return to the LSA gym, as I haven’t been back here in this building since my senior year, when we played in the final game vs. LSA for the league championship in 1999. We need to work on offense, but we did good tonight. Next week it will be a very long week for all of us, with 5 games in 6 days,” stated assistant coach Jaimie Valencia.

CSDR (4-2) will travel to play in the new Grizzly Tournament in Downey, vs. McAuliffe (Lancaster, CA) at 6:00 pm on Monday, December 14.