Lost to Mesa Grande 52 – 43 but will play in the FINAL!

Mesa Grande grabbed the lead against CSD-Riverside Boys Basketball on a two-pointer from #3 in the second period and held on.

Despite scoring a game-high 14 points during the first quarter, CSDR fell behind early, trailing 27-22 by the half.

Valencia was the leader of CSDR offense with 20 points, including eight during the third period. He also contributed three steals and four blocks.

Alan Alcocer put up two three-pointers and scored six points total. Also, helping the effort for CSDR were Nathaniel Humpal (4 points, 5 rebounds), Christian Jacobs (4 points, 8 rebounds, 1 steal), Desean Welch (4 points, 2 rebounds), and Mavrick Fisher (3 points, 4 rebounds)

“Quite a disappointing loss to Mesa Grande tonight, our guys didn’t play the execute plays on offense. We need to work on our offense, but I am glad we have the chance play in the finals today” stated Coach Valencia-Biskupiak.

CSDR will play in the FINAL game tonight at 6:30 p.m. against Upland Christian at La Sierra Academy.
Current record is 3 – 4.