Hoy Tournament

Hello everybody,

I wanted to let you all know that the girls softball team did a great job at Hoy tournament in Fremont, CA last weekend. We ended up in the last place, but they kept improving each game and they never gave up. This team is young and they have a future ahead of them. I am very proud of them! First game, we gave up 22 runs, 19 runs second game, 13 runs third game, and 9 runs last game. Their defense is getting better and better! We almost beat MSSD last game but lost 8-9. I told all of the girls to keep their chins up and keep playing hard and they will turn into a great team. Sukie Miller earned an All-Star medal because she pitched through 4 games with sore ankle. Please give the girls a pat on their back.

1. Sukie Miller

2. Celeste Arias

3. Serena Taylor

4. Mireya Carranco

5. Aurora Frias

6. Lesly Wence

7. Carolyne Lopez

8. Genessis Estrella

9. Christina Benitez

10. Wayne Aguirre

We still have 13 more games to go, please come to our home games and root for the girls! Let’s go Cubs!

Many thanks to my assistant coaches, Traci Price and Tyler Bayarsky for their big help during Hoy Tournament. If it wasn’t for them, it would be difficult to coach the team. They helped making communication efficiently and teach the girls how to play softball.

Traci Price and Tyler Bayarsky
Assistant Coaches

Brandon M. Bowdidge
Varsity Girls Softball Head Coach