Baseball Hoy Tournament

I wanted to share with you all about our baseball players. The boys fought long and hard all weekend at Hoy tournament in Fremont, CA, the first 3 games were close games. The first game is against Fremont. We opened up strong with the score of 6-1 at the last inning we gave up 9 runs, ending the game the score of 6-10. The second game, We played against Indiana was struggling with Kendall Merrill’s curve balls the whole game that kept their running score low, unfortunately we lost with the score of 3-6.

The next day, third game, we played against MSSD. The boys continued to fight and put their heart into the game. This was another close game and the score was 5-8. Unfortunately we ran out of pitchers against Maryland due to CIF’s rules, each pitcher is limited to 10 innings per week and we gave up so many walks and ended the game of 2-20.

We want to congratulate Omar Alzen for receiving an ALL-STAR award medal. He played his heart out with enthusiasm and great sportsmanship. Also, all the players did a great job at HOY Tournament all the weekend! This a team is young and a future!

1. Tarrance Smith

2. Jose Resendiz

3. Omar Alzen

4. Michael Buchanan

5. Eason Huerta

6. Joel Ramos

7. Wayne Aguirre

8. Edward Larizza

9. Kendell Merrill

10. Hector Macias

11. Erims Thomas

12. Alex Watkins

13. Samuel Ramirez

14. Eduardo Bojorquez

We still have more games to go! Please come and support for the BOYS

John Lawson V
Varsity Baseball Head Coach

Richard Libby, Ryan Baldiviez and Thomas York
Assistant Coaches