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CSD Riverside

Boys Baseball

Riverside 21 Van Horn 3
Angel Aragon 5-4-5-2 (DBL, HR)
Michael Buchanan 3-3-3-3 (HR)
Jeremy Warshaw 5-3-3-3 (HR), (pitched 13 strikeouts)
Willie Pachico (HR)

The baseball team won its second game of the year, equaling of the last two years combined! The boys beat Bethel Christians for the first time in FOUR years! The score was a close fought game, 10-7.  We once again rode on the pitching of Jeremy Warshaw, and once again, he pitched a complete game. He struck out 11 batters and walked only 5. He was also 3 for 4 at the plate. Hitting a triple in the final inning and advanced home on a throwing error to give us some insurance. He also batted in two runs.Raul Alcocer did a magnificent job playing shortstop without any practice at the position before the game! He closed a big hole at that position. He also batted 2 for 4 and drove in three runs home.School record break watch!!Thomas York now has 9 stolen bases in 3 games! He is on a pace to shatter the old record! At this pace with an average of 3 stolen bases in a game, he is project to steal 51 bases by the end of the season. The current record stands at 23…

The boys now stand tall and proud with a 2-1 record this season.


Written by Coach Connor

Hamilton 15 Riverside 1

Riverside 10 Bethel Christian 7
Raul Alcocer 4-2-3-3
Jeremy Warshaw 4-2-3-2 (TPL) (pitched 11 strikeout)

Eastside Christian 21 Riverside 0

CSD Riverside 2-2 (0-1 league)
Next Game: Van Horn at Riverside, Wednesday, March 21 at 345pm
Riverside at La Sierra Academy, Thursday, March 22 at330pm

Girls Softball

Riverside 10 Hamilton 9

Riverside 15 Bethel Christian 1
Amanda Gallegos 4-2-3-2
Vianney Bernal 2-3-2-5 (DBL, TPL, SF)

La Sierra Academy 15 Riverside 2 (RAA Tournament)
Redlands Adventist Academy 12 Riverside 4 (RAA Tournament)
La Sierra Academy 6 Riverside 4 (RAA Tournament)
Vianney Bernal 3-1-2-1 (HR)
Riverside 10 Noli Indian 8 (RAA Tournament)

CSD Riverside 3-3 (1-0 league)
Next Game: Riverside at Bethel Christian, Tuesday, March 20, at 330pm
Riverside at La Sierra Academy, Wednesday, March 21, at 330pm
Lutheran La Verne at Riverside, Thursday, March 22, at 345pm

Player of the Game – Alana Smith

Game vs. Bethel Christian

Frank Johnston