CSDR’s 5th and 6th Flag Football GAME

After our last couple of games, the players were ready to get out on the field and take no prisioners! We started the game with a punt and the opponents ran for a 60-yard touchdown. They also got the 2 point conversion and the other team lead with a score of 0-8. We received the punt and Marquise Weathersby ran for 10 yards, followed by another 10-yard run by Noah Valencia. Even though we moved the ball, we failed to make a TD.

During the 2nd quarter, our great defender Neil Miles sacked the QB! Then Alan Alococer made a good tackle. The opponents made great passes and then ran 50 yards for a TD. They led 0 to 14.

A newcomer to the team this year, Jarita Bustamante did a great job performing as a QB. Trying a new strategy; we put in Alexandra Muller as the QB, however, unfortunately the other team made an interception. They led 0 to 21.

At the 3rd quarter, we made another QB change to Noah Valencia. The opposing team made another interception! And it gave them a biggest lead with 0-28.

We must compliment a wonderful player, Alan Alococer. He is definitely an asset to the defensive team. We did not GIVE UP!! Especially Marquise Weathersby! Noone can call him a quitter! He has a mentality of always thinking positive! He plays well no matter what. (Just a heads up to Coaches Ramy Bustamane and Jason Coleman. Believe me you will look forward to having him on your team!) Weathersby ended up making a 60-yard run! That helped us to get on the scoreboard at 6-28. Then Noah Valencia made a great pass to Alexandra Muller, grabbing the two points for the conversion. We were happy that we weren’t shut out!

I’d like to mention that Fred Weiss and Josh Hanks did a great job as coaches. We’d also like to thank all the fans, CSDR staff, and families/parents for coming out and supporting our team! It means a lot to our players!

Jeremias Valencia
Elementary/Middle School Sports Coordinator