Our first VICTORY of the season!

Yesterday, the CSDR Middle School played against Victor Valley Christian School. After a long trip to Victor Valley, we could sense the fire in the boys’ eyes and they were anxious to start the game. When we arrived, we saw that the opposing team, VVC, had good and big players compared to ours, but we had more players which was to our advantage.

First quarter- VVC moved the ball very well. Our defense wasn’t set just yet and they made a good move with 6 carries. They made a touchdown 0-6. However that did not discourage our boys, it just fired them up all the more.

Our linemen (Eddie Schnoover, Hiroshi Nakama, Paul Padilla) did a tremendous job of blocking the entire field for our offensive backs. Not only were our linemen amazing, but we also must recognize our tight ends (Jonah Strom, Thomas York) and our wide receivers (Dario Zaldavic, Ramy Bustamante IV, and Sentayehu Krohm) for their great blocking for our offensive backs as well! We came back 6-6. Angel ran 20 yards and got us 2 pts which gave us the led 8-6.

Our QB Joshua Macedo continued to improve his performance as a QB. He read the defense better and succeeded in producing some great plays. Our RB Angel Agaron did an amazing job moving the ball on the field. We are not kidding, he is like a bulldozer! The only way he can be taken down is MAYBE by couple of boys on his back. By halftime, we led the game, 16 to 6.

We also really got to recognize our fabulous kicker/punter, Michael Buchanan, for kicking the ball very well! We finally found a true kicker for our middle school football program—it has been a while! Not only that, Michael also contributed as a defensive player in the game. That helped us lead, 22 to 6.

At last, our QB Joshua ran and passed the ball to Thomas York making another touchdown! This gave us our biggest lead at 38 to 6.

Now, about our opponent’s team…what can I say about our defense? We only gave them 6 points and we even stopped their 2 point attempt. Obviously, we did an amazingly job on our defense!

We made several sacks. We also forced two turnovers. We have very young boys that helped our defense by being our safeties (Wayne Aguirre, Jed Dannis.) These boys may be young and small, but they have a big heart for football! Watch out for them as they grow up!

Last of all, we want to applaud all of the players. They fulfilled their individual duties by listening and acting on the plays when told. Kudos to the coaches as well,(Bustamante, Lawson, and Biskupiak). They all equally contributed in every possible way for our Middle School football team! We are VERY proud of all of them.

On a positive and interesting CSDR fact: We proudly announce that we have 27 players which is our largest roster in our Middle School football history since 1990’s.

We cannot wait to continue to fire up at practice this Monday for our next game! Be sure to give all of our players and coaches a big pat on the back! We believe it will be an exciting and a rip-roaring season!!

Here are some photos of football: MS FOOTBALL

Jeremias Valencia Coaches
Assistant Atheltic Director