We change some strategies on offense and defense. We kicked off and our defense had a good start and scared the other team, showing that we could move the ball effectively and make plays that helped us move across the field in greater distances.

Dawsen Bashaw had his very first touchdown of the season, running 20 yards, to help make the score 6-0. After that, Bailey Chmaj was awesome on defense with his passion showing through on the field. He made three sacks. Then, Marquise Weathersby ran for 20 yards and helped our offense move the ball. Noah Valencia then flew 30 yards to make our second touchdown of the evening, bringing the score up to 12-0. Marquise added two points to make it 14-0.

Later on, Esau Zornoza made a 10-yard run, but then we failed on 4th down. The other team changed their lineup and they made a big play with 70 yards, resulting in a touchdown. The score was 14-7. When it was our ball once again, Noah made a nice spin/ reverse play which led him to run 65 yards. However, he could not finish the job. But on the very next play, he made a touchdown and extended our lead to 21-7. That was the game, and the team was elated beyond words that they had won. This was actually the FIRST Cub football win of the 2007 season! J

We would also like to extend special thanks to Amelia Zorona and Rosario Murillo, who brought in snacks and drinks for the team. To all the fans who attended the game, thank you for continuing to show your support. Be sure to keep on attending our games and showing your true Cub spirit!

We have some video clips to share, as well.

Jeremias Valencia “Coach V”